[HD-720P.MP4/1.46GB][狼的召唤 Call of the Wolf][中英字幕][2017动作惊悚片]

影片名:狼的召唤 Call of the Wolf

年  代 2016
国  家 美国
类  别 动作/惊悚
语  言 英语
IMDb评分 N/A
IMDb链接 http://www.44pd.cn/imgs/
片  长 1h 45min
导  演 R.D. Womack II
主  演 Aleksander Ristic ... Lester\Cynthia Bravo ... Viviana\Matthew Oliva ... Wolf


R.D. Womack II's patiently paced thriller has been hailed| "as thrilling as it is beautiful" - Brian Corsetti| HollyScoop. Follow Lester; a privileged underachieverwho awakes to find himself kidnapped and stranded in a snowbound cabin. Along with Viviana| another captive| the two must survive the brutal onslaught of winter andoutsmart their kidnapper; a sniper calling himself "Wolf". With a blizzard bearing down on them the pair embarks on a deadly game of survival. Will the pair find away through the winter storm to freedom| or will the mountain become their icy grave?


沃麦克二世的耐心节奏惊悚片已被欢呼 “令人兴奋,因为它是美丽的” - Brian Corsetti | HollyScoop。 按照莱斯特 一个特权的underachieverwho醒来发现自己被绑架和滞留在一个积雪的小屋。 与Viviana一起| 另一个俘虏| 两人必须在寒冷的野蛮冲击下生存下来,他们的绑架者; 一个狙击手称自己为“狼”。 随着暴风雪的下降,他们开始了致命的生存游戏。 这对双方将通过冬季风暴发现自由 还是山将成为他们冰冷的坟墓?